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Crew Corner: The Maslo Group - plus FREE downloadable cards

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Welcome to the Crew Corner, highlighting some of our favorite dieselpunk miniatures to print, paint, and play with.

Print Minis line of dieselpunk models was one of the first we started playing with, thanks to their awesome giant Combat Robot and Armored Suit models. We were initially using them for games of Gamma Wolves (an Osprey game focusing on mechas), but their Patreon also included 2 sets of 5 different dieselpunk crews - which were perfect for Diesel Overlord. The models for the factions, the Maslo Group and the Authority, were really well sculpted. But what really sold me were the bases, with tons of oil refinery details built in, giving you a great sense of the world they inhabited.

The first crew I painted were the Maslo Group:

Overall I opted for a construction-yellow color scheme, helping the models pop against the rusted steel industrial setting. An initial mistake of painting some of the base details blue turned into an idea to have them appear painted over with peeling yellow. The bases themselves are large 40mm, which is completely allowable in Diesel Overlord (you're encouraged to use the models you want to paint, as they are, so long as you're not trying to get an in-game advantage), and allow for the detail to print really crisply.

Part of what I loved about these minis is that each is really distinctive and characterful - and you know at a glance what upgrades to give them to bring them to the tabletop. Grigory can't be anything other than an Expert Sniper, while Yasemin clearly deserves the Engineboss upgrade. (Plus, Enginebosses get to set things on fire, which you can't ever have enough of.)

As part of our partnership with Print Minis, we've actually gone a step further and created custom character cards for their entire Dieselpunk line. You can get cards for the Maslo Group and their foes, the Authority, as well as unique Terrain and Mission cards as a free digital download right here.

The Maslo Group comes with not only 5 distinct character models, but also a Diesel Jet Bike, Mechanized Attack Canine, and an Automated Defense Turret. That raises the obvious question: will there be rules for using bikes, robots and other models? Hell yeah, there will.

Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and experimental rule card downloads to try them out! Until next time, see you on the tabletop. —The Punk Overlord


Have you had a chance to try the game yet? We'd love to see pics and get your feedback as we work on future expansions. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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