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Crew Corner: From Wasteland

Welcome to the first in a series of Crew Corner articles, highlighting some of our favorite dieselpunk miniatures to print, paint, and play with.

When we were first searching across MyMiniFactory for minis to print for our new game, the excellent From Wasteland line from RN Estudio came right to the top. The entire set, more than a dozen all-told, were full of unique,characterful heroic and villainous-looking models I couldn't wait to get on my painting table. I basically bought them all. Maybe it was the Pyrodwarf that made me do it. After all, who could resist a stilt-riding, double-flamethrower-wielding madman?

They all printed beautifully, with crisp detail and "heroic" scale faces that made it easier for this old man to do a good job with. For bases, I pulled up my old box of kit and selected the premium bases from an old CMON kickstarter I backed but never put to any use.

After a few false starts, I finally nailed down the sun-bleached Mad Max Fury Road aesthetic I had in my head. I think there's some crazy total of 10 different hues of reds and oranges mixed into the bases, with a few different hues of brown used for all the different leather straps. For their skin color, I stuck with bleached bone shaded with black. (I think when I do the "heroic" RN Studio set, I'll switch to warmer skin tones.)

As for rules, some things are obvious. I made New Faith a Gas Grunt with the Inspirational ability representing her ruined nun's habit. For my Dieselboss, Rottenhorn, his pointing gesture led me to giving him Taskmaster, and just to give him some protection out there I felt like Survival Armor was a must. And of course the Pyrodwarf had to be able to set things on fire. For now, that means Inferno Grenades, but there will be proper flamethrowers in the upcoming Wasteland Warriors set. But what about all those mutants RN Studio makes? Will we be making mutation rules too?

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Until next time, see you out on the wasteland —The Punk Overlord


Have you had a chance to try the game yet? We'd love to see pics and get your feedback as we work on future expansions. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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