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Crew Corner: The Jailbirds

Welcome to the Crew Corner, highlighting some of our favorite dieselpunk miniatures to print, paint, and play with.

I've been a huge fan of Raging Heroes miniatures for years now, loving the unique energy and aesthetic they bring to their creations. But I never really had a reason to collect and paint them. I wasn't a big 40k player, and the other game systems I did play - things like Malifaux and Marvel Crisis Protocol - didn't exactly mesh with their product. It wasn't until we started to scour the internet for dieselpunk miniatures to sue with Diesel Overlord that I came across them again, and realized how perfect their Jailbird line was. Even better, not only did they have a wide range of infantry with a huge variety of weapons, they also had models for almost all the different types of units we wanted to be able to field in the game. Everything from medics to bikers to mascots to power loaders. So we loaded up our shopping cart and went nuts. The first Raging Heroes crew we painted for Diesel Overlord consists of a bunch of new unit types we're looking to add to the game in the forthcoming Kickstarter: bikers, which will be included in the Motor Mayhem box set, and medics, who'll be in the the Wasteland Warrior box set. The possibility of using their baby hippo to serve as a Very Good Boy (and what a good boy he is!) was just too good to pass up.

Color-wise, we stuck to our main Diesel Overlord palette of reds, black and yellows, with a splash of blue denim thrown in. The bases are from Micro Art Studios, who produce a fantastically wide assortment of themes in every shape and size you could want.

As for how to bring these pretty deadly ladies to the tabletop? Let's kick it off with the new eXPEriMenTaL Warbike Asset card! This all-new upgrade boasts a plethora of unique abilities, starting off with a disgustingly-fast +3 Advance. That will allow you to move up to an incredible 24" each turn (assuming you spend the diesel to Diesel Charge one of your actions) allowing you to reach virtually any spot on the table any time you want. All that speed has a catch, though; Warbikes can't Advance through other models, meaning they'll need to weave in and out of terrain and friendly and enemy models. They're not just fast though. With the Run and Gun action they can move and shoot, then move again on a 6, making them incredibly mobile gun platforms. The Chopper attack lets you plow into and through the enemy as part of an Advance, with a potentially massive 2 Wounds per hit on 4 dice. And when they're not rampaging across the battlefield? They're poppin' Wheelies, kicking up a dust cloud that helps keep them safe from enemy attacks and gives out Blinded tokens to all who are near. We'll be releasing this new card along with a host of others for you to try out in the next batch of free Experimental cards (get the 1st one here).

Our resident Doctor, meanwhile, is sticking with some cards from the Alpha deck: Quick Kick, to allow her to heal wounded friendlies, and of course my personal fave Very Good Boy to represent her pet hippo. (He deserves all the treats.)

So where's the katana-welding apocalypse robots we promised last time? Still in the assembly shed. But keep an eye out! Until next time, see you on the tabletop. —The Punk Overlord


Have you had a chance to try the game yet? We'd love to see pics and get your feedback as we work on future expansions. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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