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Crew Corner: The Volk

Welcome to the Crew Corner, highlighting some of our favorite dieselpunk miniatures to print, paint, and play with.

While trying in vain to not get distracted by their new line of Space Pirates, we spent the last week painting up the second faction of dieselpunk minis by Print Minis: The Volk! I'm not normally a fan of fully-armored super-troopers. Perhaps it's all the flashbacks of having to play against Space Marine army after Space Marine army back in my 40k days? But these guys have all kinds of cool diesel detailing that set them apart. I went against my natural inclination to paint them all bad-guy black, and opted for a "rusted stormtrooper look".. The visors were big enough for my old fat-man fingers to get a nice red reflection going in them, and some simple squared-off numbers and a V-logo insignia on their helmets gave an important splash of red to the figures. The last step, a glaze of rusty brown with orange highlights, as recommended by "Punk Underlord" Lou P., really brought them to life:

As for getting them on the tabletop, they all pretty obviously get Survival Armor, apart from the riot shield trooper who gets a, well, a Riot Shield with Fume Grenades. (Genius, I tell you!) It was tempting to give the Riot Shield guy Survival Armor as well, which is *technically* legal, but I suspect might rub some opponents the wrong way. I'll have to wait for my next game against Lou to pull that combo out. :)

As part of our partnership with Print Minis, we've also created created custom character cards for the Volk, as well as their entire Dieselpunk line. These cards essentially have appropriate Upgrades baked right in: upgrades that normally exist as Upgrade cards. You can get the Print Minis pack including the Volk, their foes, the Maslo Group, and unique Terrain and Mission cards as a free digital download right here. As part of their growing dieselpunk line, be on the lookout for two new factions this May.

So how many crews exactly will we be painting up for Crew Corner? And who's next? Let's just say it might very-possibly-likely-maybe-definitely involve katana-welding apocalypse robots. :) Until next time, see you on the tabletop. —The Punk Overlord


Have you had a chance to try the game yet? We'd love to see pics and get your feedback as we work on future expansions. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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