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Special Scenario: Ride or Die!

Greetings from the wasteland! If you've been following us on Twitter or Facebook, you've no doubt seen some of the wreckage we've been leaving in our wake at recent demo events in the New York City area. We've been using these events not just to introduce new players to the game, but also for some clandestine playtesting of the vehicle rules we've been working on. After a few tweaks here and there, we're ready to release the special scenario into the wild. And you can download it right now at the link below!

Now you can finally do what every wastelander has dreamed of: restart a wreck of a school bus, jump behind the wheel, and drive off into the sunset. Err, rather jump behind the wheel and ride over your enemies, see them flip over the windshield, then back up over thier prone, unconscious bodies.

So how are Vehicles different than Troopers, your regular foot grunts? There's really just 1 key difference, in that they cannot Advance through or into other Models. So no moving over Diesel Dumps or Rusty Barricades, no jumping on top of buildings, and no moving through friendly or enemy Troopers either. Instead of going through them, Vehicles crash into them!

While this scenario does a good job of testing out how vehicles move, there is one key difference: because they are counted as Terrain Models, the vehicles in this scenario can be Advanced into as normal. So just because you're driving the bus doesn't mean your enemy can't jump on board and fight for control of it! In the upcoming Motor Mayhem expansion the vehicles you field as part of your crew will not be Terrain, but Units- they'll be yours and yours alone.

So go give it a test drive, then come join our community and let us know what you think!

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