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Diesel Overlord Alpha Edition: the "starter box"

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

What's the quickest, easiest way to start laying waste to the wasteland?

The Diesel Overlord 2-Player Alpha Edition.

When we were thinking about how to initially roll out Diesel Overlord, a few things came to mind. First and foremost, we wanted to make our initial product an easy-to-buy, easy-to-play experience. Easy-to-buy meant 1 product at a low price. Easy-to-play meant everything you need for you a friend to jump right in and start gaming.

To achieve those ends, we condensed the core game into the smallest package possible: a simple deck of 54 cards. In addition to the rule card, terrain and mission cards, each deck contains 2 sets of all a player needs: 5 unit cards, 5 token trackers, a quick reference card, and 12 double-sided Upgrade cards. By using the backs of the Upgrade cards for game content instead of brand graphics, we were able to give each player 24 upgrade options to choose from. The only downside to that? You'll have to flip the upgrade cards front and back when referencing what you may have given your models.

So wait, is this a play test deck or the full rules? Both.

The goal of Alpha is to get the game out there in the hands of friends and early adopters, and get as much feedback as possible as we start creating larger, 1-player decks. What kind of decks? Well, for starters, a 100+ card Wasteland Warriors deck, expanding on the ideas in the Alpha version. It'll have new unit types, new upgrades, new terrain, new missions... basically more of everything. In addition, all the upgrades will be 1-sided with color-coded art on the reverse, making them easier to use in-game. And, there will multiple upgrade cards of those we think you might take multiples of, such as Survival Armor.

Wait, does that mean the rules will change, and my Alpha Version won't be legal anymore? Nope! Not at all.

The rules on the cards in the Alpha Edition will not change, so you'll continue to be able to use those as we expand the game. And if there is ever a change down the road, we'll make that card available as a free download.

So when is this Wasteland Warriors deck coming out? Summer? Maybe?

Should I just wait for that? Hell no. Get the Alpha Version.

Get to blowing up the wasteland. Then come join our community and help us test out all the new toys we have planned.

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