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Crew Corner: the Robosams

Welcome to the Crew Corner, highlighting some of our favorite dieselpunk miniatures to print, paint, and play with.

RN Estudio's brilliant collection of From Wasteland models grabbed our attention right when we started making Diesel Overlord. They had the perfect selection of "good" and "bad" guy models reminiscent on some of our favorite movies, combined with great sculpting that boasted a nicely exaggerated scale that my old, fat fingers could manage to paint without needing to pull out a magnifying glass.

When we first reached out to RN Estudio about creating custom content for their miniatures, we had solely those models in mind — you can see how we painted up Rottenhorn and his crew in a prior Crew Corner article, here. But they were more excited about rules for their line of Robosam models, which had become a popular download. At first, we were a bit skeptical. Samurai robots didn't exactly fit into the Mad Max world that we imagined when creating the game. But then we realized that our thinking as way too limited. We'd already been planning to add giant mecha and mutants to the game, so why couldn't wasteland robots be a part of this world, too?

Once I had them in hand and started putting paint to resin, I was fully on board!

I used the original concept artwork as a starting point, opting for weathered off-white "skin" with black clothing and touches of red here and there. While the originals don't all have the same orange accent color on the robes, I decided to use orange throughout to bring the crew together.

Now that the printing and painting was out of the way, all we needed was a way to bring them to the tabletop. It just so happens that a few of the new upgrade cards we'd been working on perfectly fit the bill:

But that was just the start! As part of our promotional partnership with RN Estudio, the next step was to take these 2 upgrades and use them as the basis for custom Robosam character cards for the entire crew. We of course went way further than that and created custom cards for all the other From Wasteland models they produce that we had been playing with. You can get them all as a free digital download right here.

If you've visited RN Estudio's homepage, Patreon or MyMiniFactory store, you'll see that there are way more models in the line. Which ones will get unit cards in the future? That'd be telling!

For now, subscribe to our newsletter to get first when our kickstarter launches this summer. Until next time, see you on the tabletop. —The Punk Overlord


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Oct 01, 2021

These are freaking nice!


Timothy Berry
Jun 01, 2021

Just picked those four up.

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